Hi, I’m Mindy, but you can call me Mindizzle, Dizzle or Dizz! I’d like to officially welcome you to Dizzles Universe! We’re the place where tie dye lovers and rainbow chasers go to purchase unique hand-dyed, tie dye apparel or request custom tie dye orders.

Those that know me, know more than anything that I find joy by spreading joy.  So, it was no surprise when I decided to transition my love and passion for art into something that could be shared and enjoyed with others near and far.  But first, I needed to figure out the art form of focus.

During this part of my journey, I uncovered a love for the conceptualization, design and creation of unique hand-dyed, tie dye apparel. The bright colors, beautiful patters and one-of-a-kind pieces weren’t the only things that attracted me to this art form.  I was also intrigued and energized by the fact that there is so much more to tie dye than a bottle of color and a wash. It is truly a scientific process that requires a honed set of skills and knowledge.

I spent over a year studying and learning the craft, and I went and continued to go through many, MANY trials involving numerous products, dye processes, and hand-tie shape techniques. And when I say "numerous", I mean N U M E R O U S – so much that my husband set up a 'tie dye room' in our home to (somewhat) contain my newly found craft! 

In that first year, the most valuable thing I discovered is that with the right amount of love, time, and patience (and great product), it is possible to create truly beautiful art!

Now, I create and sell my own creations as well as fulfilling some custom requests. Every item listed and sold is a hand-tied, tie-dyed one-of-a-kind piece. Although duplication can be attempted, no two pieces will be exactly alike, which is what really makes this art form so different from traditional art.

I hope you enjoy your purchase as much as I enjoyed making it!

Now, let’s color the world with rad apparel!

Live, love and spread joy. We only get one life.

- Mindizzle